What if we took a break for a visit to Roanne? As soon as we arrive, we let ourselves be carried away by the sweetness of life and the charm of the city, between heritage, nature and gastronomy. Roanne's history and culture can be explored along the cobblestones while local gastronomy can be enjoyed on every street corner. The banks of the Loire invite relaxation and leisure in an unusual setting. Guaranteed disconnection.

Instragram : vue sur la ville de Roanne et le fleuve Loire
© Guillaume Masseron / RT
Place du Marché à Roanne terrasse sculpture

A morning in the heart of Roanne

A 5-minute walk from the station, reach the city center and discover Roanne through its history and heritage. Its industrial past is revealed in the stone and its old mansions, as evidenced by the emblematic Maison Déchelette and its interior courtyard which is worth a look! Continue in the old center which will take you on a journey to the Middle Ages with its baptistery, its church and the granite keep, which today houses the Maison du Tourisme, where you can book a guided tour of Roanne and its districts.

Port de Roanne avec ses péniches et bateaux

Gourmet break by the water

Midday strikes, a transition to Halles Diderot is required. In this gourmet den, you will find savory and sweet pleasures to concoct an impromptu picnic. Then, direction the banks of the Loire, a stone's throw from the urban bustle, for a lunch on the grass. Sit back, taste and enjoy.

Digestive walk on the Véloire

Then join the marina and its captaincy. You can rent bikes for a bucolic ride along the Roanne canal in Digoin. In this privileged green setting, drive to the Cornillon lock for an invigorating breath of pure air.

It's worth the detour !

The interior courtyard of Maison Déchelette

Built on the market place in 1884, this beautiful Renaissance style mansion stands out for its brightly colored varnished roof. But behind its large wooden doors hides a magnificent interior courtyard. It formerly provided access to the back of the block. You will be able to admire the mullioned windows framed by two symmetrical towers, the seven arcades of the old stables of the place and their watering troughs. A visit that takes you back to the past as a stopover town in the city of Roanne.

The Roanne Theater

“I will grow and I will shine” is Roanne’s motto. It features prominently in the dome of this Italian-style theater built in 1883, under the direction of the architect Barberot. The interior decor is remarkable, adorned with mounted painted canvases, representing allegorical characters. The Roanne theater welcomes all year round rich programming and multidisciplinary between dance, music, theater, visual arts and even puppets.

Shopping dans la rue piétonne de Roanne.

Afternoon shopping in the pedestrian streets

Return to the city center. Going back to the Town Hall Square, take a break in front of the beautiful Italian theater. Then, continue with a little window shopping while strolling through the shopping streets, historic main arteries of the city. And if you're feeling a little peckish, don't hesitate to open the door of the Pralus House or Bertrand Chocolatier for a well-deserved snack.

Recette d'œuf au caviar des bois, foie gras de canard et truffe du restaurant L'aventure en famille à Roanne

Gourmet dinner at l’Aventure

Voted best Roanne restaurant in 2O22, the Adventure restaurant, led by Jean-Luc and Pierre-Alban Trambouze, invites discovery and pleasure. The alchemy between father and son operates in the room and on the plate to delight your eyes and your taste buds. This address of Roanne gastronomy will offer you an unforgettable moment where local products are valued and sublimated.

A romantic night at Maison Rose, in the heart of the old center

Finally, after a day full of emotions, enjoy a beautiful night in a real cocoon. There " Pink House », half-timbered, is one of the oldest buildings in the city, dating from the middle of the 15th centurye century. Today, renovated, it now houses a large cozy nest of 90 m2, with careful and warm decoration. Ideal for a relaxing stay as a couple or family.

La maison Rose à Roanne
The Pink House in Roanne © The Pink House

If you are fond of anecdotes, subscribe to a guided tour of Roanne. Catherine, our favorite guide will captivate you both about the built heritage of Roanne and its industrial past.




Curious and always in search of new sensations, I multiply the experiences. I like going out to meet the great people of Roannaise gastronomy as much as taking an interest in the heritage of the region.

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