Did you know that Roannais was the ideal playground for mountain bike fans? Our territory has stood out and is now part of Open air destination, the largest FFC-certified mountain bike area in France. My Top 5 mountain biking circuits will delight amateurs and experienced alike. Go for life-size sensations!

espace VTT montagne et plaine en Roannais avec deux vététistes en forêt
Walk on a country lane © Vincent Poillet / RT

For a family trip:
The Little Murcins

Arcon – 11km / + 165m

This route is open to everyone! To tell the truth, it is perfect for people like me, a fan of mountain biking for leisure. At 800m above sea level, Arcon, the forest estate of Great Murcins is the place for walks and discovery par excellence. The 11 km allow the crossing of this forest where nearly 250 species of trees live there. The most beautiful reward for me remains all the same the magnificent view over the plain of Roanne available to you. In short, a moment suspended before the resumption of your 2 wheels!

For sportive people :
From the Dam to the Presle Bridge

Cordelle – 36 km / + 829m

Espace VTT de Cordelle

The Loire, the last wild river in Europe, crosses the entire Roannais region from south to north. We therefore follow its undulations throughout its ascent. On the first part of the circuit, you will follow the gorges of the river. Indeed, from Cordelle, the fully marked trail begins by following the Villerest Lake and its famous dam. You will then join St-Jean-St-Maurice-sur-Loire where you can take a break to discover this charming Village of Character. Get back on the pedals to warm up your legs in the rolling countryside of this track.

For pure mountain bikers:
By vineyards and by mountains

Renaison – 35 km / + 880m

Dans les vignes en Côte Roannaise

This circuit is for me the most complete. You will discover magnificent landscapes as well as vineyards or even Villages of Character… A rich and diversified career!

I take you on the Roannaise coast to ride this time. To start Renaison, you will be amazed by the landscapes with the dams Chartrain and Rouchain giving access to breathtaking viewpoints. Then, you enjoy the calm in the forests before hurtling down the slopes of the mounts of the Madeleine. The Côte Roannaise is recognized for its AOC wine. It's difficult to combine wine tasting and mountain biking, but your path will take you through the vineyards... Finally, the Villages of Character are revealed in front of you on your way. It is always nice to take advantage of the beautiful stones and the atmosphere of these villages. Take the time to stop for a deserved break, you won't regret it.

For an outing with friends:
The path of streams

Montagny – 28 km / + 610m

For this path, I make you discover another side of our beautiful territory. On the first foothills of the Beaujolais mountains, the village of Montagny is the start of this route. Ideal to practice on a Gravel bike. You will therefore walk through the Roannais bocages through the green hills and streams. In short, a route that I particularly appreciate because it reveals lesser-known landscapes of the destination.

For adventurers:
Tour of the Roanne region

247km / + 3880m

espace VTT montagne et plaine en Roannais avec 2 vététistes en forêt

Mountain bike "enthusiasts" will love this roaming circuit. Treat yourself to the complete tour of the Mountain and Plain mountain biking area in Roannais. Forests, rolling hills, the banks of the Loire, the Madeleine mountains… Different difficulties and landscapes are revealed along the 247 km of track. Do not hesitate to stop in accommodation du Roannais to rest your legs before resuming the course. A sporty circuit reserved for insiders.

My advice for a successful mountain bike ride

Before leaving :

  • Remember to equip yourself well. For your bike, G2 Wheels ou Giant are at your disposal for any purchase of mountain bikes or accessories. If you want to rent, Land of bikes can rent mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes. For your personal equipment, Ben Run hike will dress you from head to toe in complete safety,
  • Check before leaving that the circuit corresponds to your level,
  • If you are roaming, choose your accommodation et your restaurants upstream,
  • If you go alone, leave your itinerary to a loved one.

During your hike:

  • Always stay on the marked paths,
  • Respect the environment in which you operate (rubbish, respect for private property, etc.),
  • Open your eyes and enjoy the beautiful views offered by the Roannais.


The largest mountain bike area in France with the FFC label is located in Roannais! Destination Grand Air includes 4 mountain biking / FFC spaces in the departments of Allier, Loire and Puy-de-Dôme. A diversified and sensational playground is offered to lovers of 2 wheels with 3900 km of marked trails and 156 circuits.

You are therefore ready to explore the daring roads and paths of Roannais. Savor, breathe, disconnect: here you will experience life-size sensations!




Originally from Roanne, I still like to discover my territory, to test new things to do with my family but above all to make people discover it: with journalists by finding the rare pearl, in the living rooms to meet future visitors... In short, to show everyone that the Roannais is irresistible!

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