In a world in which everything moves too fast, there are activities in nature destinations like Roannais that soothe the body and mind. A necessary reconnection to the essential things of life and to oneself to understand everyday life in a beautiful way. Here are my five suggestions in Roannais!

1. Work the land with permaculture

Atelier de permaculture au JArdin de Valours à Villerest
Workshops © Jardin de Valours

For this 1re experience of returning to nature, I offer you an original activity at Garden of Values à Villerest a permaculture training !
Corinne Bonnier transmits her know-how in her training and shares advice from her many years of farming seed practice.
During one day, you will learn how to garden differently, in living soil market gardening, without weeding, while conserving soil water. You will also be given advice on the design of your vegetable garden and on which vegetables to sow and at what time.
A day of learning, of exchanges towards a journey of daily ecological commitment for the preservation of biodiversity and living heritage.


What is permaculture? Permaculture is a type of agriculture based on respect for biodiversity and humans by imitating natural ecosystems.

Bain de Forêt à la Forêt des Grands Murcins

2. Take a forest bath to experience the essentials

In this activity, you will fulfill your essential and natural need to experience nature and more particularly the forest. This outing is a forest therapy straight from Japan and adapted to our Roanne forests.
Franck Bernigaud, guide SAP à Renaison, accompanies you on a stroll suitable for everyone for 2 to 3 hours over approximately 3 km. The concept: connecting to nature and trees for a beneficial effect on mental and physical health, this is the forest bath !
You will use your five senses: observe the forest, listen to its melodies far from everyday noise, create carnal contact with the trees or even let the essences invade your nostrils! A real letting go stimulating your emotions, your well-being and your creativity. To test urgently !

Reconnecting with nature is key if we want to save the planet.

Jane Goodall

3. Bring wild plants back to the heart of our diet

A good diet is the basis of well-being and good health. And why not return to wild and aromatic plants? This is what Véronique Moutier of l'Ortillère to Neaux and Françoise Lafay of theLegacy of Rhea à St-Priest-la-Prugne. Each is passionate about the ancestral know-how of medicinal and wild plants. From harvesting to processing, you too can experience the daily life of these two nature-loving women.

Cuisine et Cueillette en atelier à l'Ortillère à Neaux

À l'Ortillère, Véronique Moutier offers “Picking and cooking” workshops in season. After having picked the plants using the right methods, you will cook your harvest with recipes that are sometimes ancestral, sometimes surprising...

Cueillette à l'Héritage de Rhéa par Françoise Lafay

At theLegacy of Rhea, Françoise Lafay offers in 2024 to participate in a “typical” day for a producer. You will discover the different stages of production, the discovery of plants and the exchange of this profession over a meal.

4. Reconnect with yourself in all kindness

To live daily in peace and pleasure, you must first know how to take a kind look at yourself. This is the key point made by the Energy Djinn center à Our Lady of Boisset.
This center of care, experimentation and teaching is family-run. Indeed, Antoine, Florence and Fanny Thoviste accompany you, each with their own specificity, towards an inner balance. Through individual treatments, courses or workshops, you will approach self-knowledge, encounter with energy, calming…
Also, if you are in love with the equestrian world, “horse energy” courses are offered to learn communication with your animal.
Discover all the therapies for one and the same goal: to be a free and happy person!

5. Towards a better world with Les Carrés Jardin

What if, starting from a vegetable garden producing the essentials, we shared this collective adventure to build a better world? This is the ambition of Yves and Léa Lacroix, owners of this dual-purpose space. First, take advantage of their local production in Organic Farming thanks to vegetable baskets or sales on their farm market every Wednesday from 15 p.m.

Marché hebdomadaire aux Carrés Jardins à Souternon
Weekly market © Les Carrés Jardin

The Garden Squares in Souternon it is also a rural training center at the heart of societal development.
Thus, internships and training both linked to the world of organic agriculture and to social issues are offered regularly. For example, “Discovery of aquaponics”, “Better understanding of trees”, “Vhélio workshop in collaborative construction” are courses offered at Souternon with trained external speakers.
To go further, you will soon also be able to take advantage of the indoor theater for holding themed shows or conferences. The idea is always to create a real synergy around a return to basics, local production and the sharing of experience...

Bain de forêt avec Franck Bernigaud de SEVE dans les monts de la Madeleine
Walk in the forest © Wirestock

I have offered you this TOP 5 with human and sensory virtues. Take advantage of the Roanne know-how which leads you towards well-being and a reconnection to the green in our still wild and preserved nature.




Originally from Roanne, I still like to discover my territory, to test new things to do with my family but above all to make people discover it: with journalists by finding the rare pearl, in the living rooms to meet future visitors... In short, to show everyone that the Roannais is irresistible!

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