Lucas Lapandery, young winemaker and child of the third generation of the estate of the same name, explains to us how to learn to taste wine, or rather how not to let yourself be influenced by oenological rules and customs...
" I do not know anything about it " ; how many times Lucas explains to us that he has heard this sentence which seems so sad to him! Wine should be a leisure activity, a tasting. So, let's find out together how to appreciate it.

Be curious to learn to love it

The first step is to taste, even if you feel like you don't like it. You don't think you know anything about it? Wine must be and remain a leisure activity. Appreciated or not, you will at least have had the merit of tasting and enriching your palate! You will thus be able to understand, over time, the flavor that you like: rather fruity or woody...

What if you are (too) attached to regions or grape varieties? Taste blind! This remains the best solution to eliminate any influence. The technique of Lucas : Take an old sock and put it over the bottle.

Dégustation de vin au domaine Piat à Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire

The dress

Before tasting, take the time to observe the colors and nuances of the wine. From yellow-green to bright purple, including a ruby ​​or purple. Whether white, rosé or red: even without associating a flavor before tasting, you train your memory and associate colors and tastes for a successful tasting. The basic rule: the darker it is, the more substance there is.

The nose

Floral, ascetic or smoky perfume, try to match the dress to the nose. To do this, nothing could be simpler: swirl your glass using small wrist movements to release the aromas.

Wine tasting is like a sport. You have to train and persevere to combine flavors and smells. Don't let yourself be persuaded by those close to you; taste it and form your own opinion.

Above all, DARE! Red wine is not just reserved for game and cheese, enjoy it for example with a chocolate dessert and let yourself be surprised…

Dégustation de vin au domaine Piat à Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire
Wine tasting at Domaine Piat – © Clovis Huet / RT

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Parachuted onto the Roan Coast ten years ago, I am therefore a (grown-up) child of the coast, a musician, often present at large or small events and sensitive to the heritage riches of our territory. Loving good restaurants, I easily give in to local restaurants and products... So, ready to follow my experiences?

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