In its postcard decor, the Château de la Roche perfectly symbolizes the finest things the Roannais has to offer. This fortress fait travel its visitors in time, thanks to theatrical visits and 2 escape-game rooms.

Le château de la Roche au milieu du fleuve Loire
The Château de la Roche in the middle of the Loire river © Clovis Huet / RT

The must

Located in the South of Roanne, 1 hour from Lyon, in the heart of France, the Château de la Roche is part of the Top 10 of Roannais. Its atypical location in the middle of the Loire river makes it an extraordinary historical place, which seduces the French and foreign public, impatient to cross the portal.

Anchored on its rocky outcrop, well in place since the XNUMXth centurye century with its tower and keep, the Château de la Roche is the emblematic monument of the Gorges de la Loire.

Le château de la Roche en 1910
The Château de la Roche in 1910 © Chateau de la Roche

Due to its improbable location overlooking the river, the Château has sheltered many families. They used it as a lookout post in the Middle Ages, the main residence of the XNUMXth century.e in the nineteenthe century, then a summer residence in early 1900 and finally a tourist site today. Defying time and the wrath of the river, today the waters surround the castle, since the construction of the Villerest dam in 1982. It has thus transformed into a charming romantic islet. Ideal destination, which offers many activities for the holidays!

Madame Roustan prend le thé dans son grand salon

An immersive visit to the Château de la Roche

Follow the actor guides embodying Mr. and Mrs. Roustan, owners between 1900 and 1930. In the reconstructed settings of their summer residence, far from the town of Roanne where they lived, they invite you to plunge into the heart of the Belle Epoque, a journey to discover the history of the XNUMXth century Castlee century to the present day.
Interactive tours, punctuated by surprises and unexpected encounters, whether you are with your family, in a group, alone or in a duo!

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Indice ou simple décor dans une salle d'escape game du château

60 Minutes Chrono!

The castle still has some nice surprises in store for the more adventurous! Confronting the spirits or escaping drowning doesn't scare you? Come and confront the secrets of the place thanks to its two escape game rooms.
In less than 60 minutes, you will have to solve the puzzles scattered around the room using your research, thinking and logic skills to avoid ending up in the dungeon of the castle!

Spirit are you there?

Your mission: a spirit haunts the castle and you have 60 minutes to free it! Spiritualism session, excavation, code decryption, investigation. A word of advice: curiosity is not a bad thing but a great quality for this kind of game!
From 2 to 4 players, from 14 years old.

Submersion alert

The level of the Loire rises dangerously, you have 60 minutes to escape drowning! You have to show team spirit to solve the puzzles and get out alive!
From 3 to 6 players, from 10 years old.

To date, 8 ghosts haunt the castle daily, are you ready to face them?

Madame Roustan

Key dates

  • The castle was built between 1260 et 1291.
  • The castle has known in 1790 a historic flood.
  • En 1982, the construction of the Villerest dam is completed and the castle has its feet in the water.
  • From 1996, the castle is open to visitors.

A dam & two faces of the Château de la Roche

Since the construction of the Villerest dam, the landscapes around the castle offer many facets throughout the year.

In the fall, when the very low Loire gives a glimpse of the rocky outcrop, the castle seems to leave Saint-Priest-la-Roche to be transported to the heart of Scotland and its misty valleys. The rest of the year, when the Loire is high, it gives the impression of floating on water. This gives it a certain enchantment, romantic at will, which appeals to parents and children alike, at all ages!

3 things to know about the Château de la Roche

  • The 4-leaf clover is used a lot in the decoration of the castle. Both inside and out. It's a way to bring him luck. Can you find them?
  • Mr. Roustan, the last owner of the castle was a friend of Emile Noirot, renowned painter and Joseph Déchelette, eminent archaeologist. The city of Roanne also hosts the Joseph-Déchelette museum, museum of fine arts and archeology.
  • The front door of the castle is made of yellow Charlieu stones. It is a copy of the front door of the Hotel Pelletier in Saint-Haon-le-Châtel. The motto inscribed on this door is as follows: "Be as simple as the dove and as prudent as the serpent".

Extend the pleasure ...

Did this decor captivate you? Extend your walk by discovering one of the most beautiful views of the meanders of the Loire with the magnificent viewpoint of Pêt d'Ane. And if you feel like strolling through the alleys of one of our “Villages of character in the Loire”, head for the village of Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire. Overlooking the Loire, the keep of the village offers a breathtaking view of the river. Fans of heritage and know-how, without a doubt, its alleys, its remarkable buildings and its craftsmen will conquer your heart.


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The Château de la Roche
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Frederique's opinion

The Château de la Roche is THE essential site for Roanne tourism. It is the photo spot to immortalize during your trip. Each year, groups but also many individuals tread the steps of the castle to discover its majesty. As soon as you enter the portal, you will dive back into its history and the theatrical visit is quite simply a magical experience for young and old alike.

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