Do you like nature, lakes, rivers, fish? So, fishing in Roanne and in the Roannais will delight you! Indeed, whether you practice fishing as a hobby or as a sport in its own right, the Roannais will be happy to welcome you. You will experience unique moments of relaxation, sharing and emotions.

What fish to catch in the Roannais?

Public chat Villerest lake and on the Loire river, you will find predators (pike, pikeperch, catfish and perch) as well as bream, roach, carp ...

You will also find predators including black bass in the Cornillon pond as well as white fish and carp. Special feature on this body of water, you can fish for carp day and night (by reservation).

Other fish will make you happy such as trout in Renaison, cyprinids (shingles, vandoises, chub ...) in the Rhins or eel in the current part of the river, downstream from the Villerest dam.

What fishing to practice in Roanne and in the Roannais?

The most popular fishing in Roanne and in the Roannais is predator fishing with a lure, live, on board or by boat. It is possible to practice by boat in Villerest and on the Roanne lake (beware of Roanne, electric motor only).

Other types of fishing are practiced such as:

  • Coarse fishing on the water bodies (Cornillon and Lespinasse ponds), the dam and the watercourses,
  • Feeder fishing (and other techniques derived from reel fishing),
  • Trout fishing with natural bait, with flies and lures on trout streams (note the presence of two courses without killing on the Renaison (in Roanne and Saint-André-d'Apchon),
  • Night fishing : by reservation at the Cornillon pond or in open water on the Loire and the large interior lake of Villerest (in authorized sectors, see fishing regulations in force).

To know the regulations, you can consult the site of the Loire fishing federation.

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Key figures

  • Over 20 000 fishermen in the Loire department, nearly a quarter of whom come from or belong to associations (AAPPMA) from Roannais.
  • 33 AAPPMA in the Loire department.
  • The Villerest dam and its area of 770 hectares is a popular spot for predator fishing, but also carp and coarse fishing.
  • The Roanne-Digoin canal stretches over more than 50 kilometers.
  • The federal pond of Cornillon and its 14 acres.
  • For a more family-friendly summer practice, you can bet on the Belmont de la Loire lake: 1,5 hectare.
  • 1,6 kilometers of fishing route without killing on Le Renaison
  • In Roanne, one of the only two courses in the Loire department to have obtained the mark “I love fishing in the city”. This qualification highlights urban fishing routes.

A fishing guide to accompany you

The Roannais remains an exceptional territory full of very attractive sites for fishing. Professional fishing guides are at your disposal and at your disposal to initiate or improve your fishing technique. They will make you discover the different species present in the waterways.

A fishing guide is installed on the Roannais. Its specialty is the float tube, ideal for roaming fishing.

The secret of a good fisherman

To know how to show discretion, to know the ground or to call upon a professional guide, and to persevere by fishing sometimes for long hours… to be sure to fall, inevitably, on times when THE fish will come to feed !!!

The history of fishing in Roanne and in the Roannais

The Roannais is a territory in which a great fishing tradition exists. The Loire River is the main artery and the diversity of the environments it offers is exceptional. Indeed, it is here and nowhere else that you will find a large interior lake (Villerest), a Loire that has become wild again downstream from the dam, a large body of water in the city center, a canal, courtyards. of very good quality water and tourist water bodies. This wealth offers you a varied territory, very favorable for the practice of fishing and what is more, very full of fish.

Key dates

  • The Roanne à Digoin canal was built from 1832 and flows to Digoin for more than 50 kilometers.
  • A well-established fishing tradition with two local associations that have existed for a long time (1896 et 1935)
  • The Villerest dam was built between 1978 et 1984. It has an area of ​​770 hectares and stretches over 30 km in length.
  • 2006 : Installation on Renaison of a "no kill" fishing course
  • 2019 : The large lake of Villerest receives the Passion Fishing course label
  • 2020 : The Roanne lake has the Passion Fishing label

L'avis de Frédérique

Frederique's opinion

If you are looking for the perfect spot for a family fishing trip, I recommend one of the water bodies of the Roannais like that of Belmont-de-la-Loire. Ideal to keep my Sunday fisherman and the rest of my tribe happy. With easy access all around the pond, you will inevitably find a little corner made for you. You will be like a fish in water 😊! And to occupy the impatient children, games are available nearby.