To get closer to the stars or to feel free, choose your machine to travel the sky of Roanne and its surroundings: hot-air balloon, microlight, parachute, paramotor… A unique opportunity to enjoy the exceptional panorama. Roanne airport has several companies and associations ready to make you familiar with the clouds!

Vol en montgolfière sur le Roannais

The hot-air balloon, softness and beautiful light

We love to fly over the Roanne countryside when the day is barely breaking. But also the calm of the journey, perfectly installed in the basket. Finally, we like to drink to the beauty of things once the landing is completed.

Live a unique experience aboard the Wing Over ULM hot air balloon. Let yourself be carried away for a walk of about an hour where you will appreciate the landscapes of Roanne and beyond. With views of the Chaine des Puys, the Alps and the Mont-Blanc massif, enjoy an exceptional 360 ° panorama.

Ulm, paramotor and gyrocopter give you wings

We would almost take ourselves for a bird on these motor vehicles equipped with a parachute sail for the paramotor and a triangular sail for the ULM. This time, the panorama is displayed almost at 360 °: something to be amazed.

And why not try the gyrocopter, an ultralight ULM that sits between the helicopter and the plane, take to the skies.

But Roanne is not the only point of flight offered! In Mably, the members of the Les Ailes du Merlin association take you over the port of Roanne, the Villerest dam or the Gorges de la Loire aboard their microlights.

Bloggers' words

“Flying over the Roannais and admiring all these treasures from a little higher up is also possible thanks to Wing Over ULM. If you like sensations and want to fly like a bird to discover the Loire landscapes, this activity is made for you! Personally, I really felt an impression of freedom while flying over the Roannais. "

Maxim of Trekking and Travel

Fly vintage

Climb aboard a legendary plane: a Boeing Stearman from 1940. This biplane, pampered by a few enthusiasts, welcomes aviation enthusiasts for baptisms and piloting lessons. And for thrill-seekers, on the program: “head in the air” aerobatics!

The parachute, 100% adrenaline

Strong heart required for this experience at a hundred miles an hour. Briefing, take off of the plane to the required altitude, then it's time to take the plunge! 40 seconds of free fall at 200 km / hour elapsed before opening the parachute and preparing for a soft landing. So when do you (re) start?

The glider, the glide of the air

Depending on the air currents, the glider partly imposes its rhythm and its trajectory. What could be better than letting yourself be carried away and simply enjoying the 180 ° view. If you can imagine yourself as a tamer of the winds, introductory flights and piloting lessons are offered.

Tour de contrôle de l'aéroport de Roannais Agglomération

Saint-Léger-sur-Roanne airport

Saint-Léger-sur-Roanne airport, located 10 minutes from the city of Roanne, is an equipment of Roannais Agglomeration, specializing in air leisure, tourism and business aviation. Come and discover this airport with multiple activities: planes, gliders, microlight, hot air balloon, parachuting ...

Roanne airport also offers model aircraft, accessible to all. The purpose of this activity is to fly a model aircraft… an airplane, a glider or a helicopter. It can be practiced in leisure but also in competition.

Take flight in the shoes of a pilot

Some people swear by football, others dream of being familiar with the clouds, to each his own sport! Young or old, get your pilot's license. Theoretical and practical supervised courses and internships will allow you to master the rules and maneuvers. You will soon set out to conquer the sky.

Roanne international airshow – Next edition in 2025

La patrouille de France lors du Meeting aérien
The French patrol during the Airshow © Evelyne Deveaux

The aerial event not to be missed! Every 2 years in September Under the admiring eyes of nearly 30 visitors, the Roanne air show brings together the largest French and foreign patrols. Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France, Rafales… The most efficient machines rub shoulders with the legends of aviation, older models that still make the public dream.

L'avis de Frédérique

Frederique's opinion

If, like me, you want to please your loved ones, offer a first flight in the Roannais. I had the opportunity to offer a microlight flight but also a parachute jump to my mom. And I can tell you she loved it! She asked for more! The parachute jump, for her who likes to shiver, it was a real challenge. This big jump will guarantee you a great adrenaline rush. For the microlight flight, the effect was just as Waouhou! The beauty of the landscapes, the flight over the Lespinasse forest, Roannaise coast but also the Gorges de la Loire… sublime! She even made me want to get started.

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