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Les coups de cœur gourmands d’Anne du blog Papilles et Pupilles Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Anne's gourmet favorites from the Papilles et Pupilles blog

Last fall, for a few days, Anne left her kitchen and her keyboard to come and discover the Roannais region and its treasures of delicacies. A privileged visit to the heart of a refining tunnel I was fortunate enough to enter the refining tunnel of the Mons house, to discover the refiner profession which […]

Confidences autour d’un carré de tissu Cultural heritage Add to favorites list

Confidences around a square of fabric

Passionate and inspired, textile artisans in Roanne bring to life through their achievements ancestral know-how that is losing momentum in the face of today's industry. What guides them: to give meaning to their profession and to have great creative freedom nourished by a certain emulation between peers. On a daily basis, they like to use […]

Bras-dessus, bras-dessous avec Madame Roustan en 1910 ! Cultural heritage Add to favorites list

Arm-in-arm with Madame Roustan in 1910!

Hello Madame Roustan, you welcome us here at the Château de la Roche… but who are you? Hello everyone, I am very happy to be here with you. I have been the owner of the Château de la Roche since October 13, 1900 with Paul-Emile, my husband. After 10 years of work, we can welcome visitors because we […]

Ouches, la nouvelle histoire de la Maison Troisgros Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Ouches, the new story of Maison Troisgros

In 2014, the 17-hectare Domaine des Ormes in Ouches was acquired by Marie-Pierre and Michel Troisgros; 2015, work begins. 2017… the time has come for the move and the opening of the new House, symbol of a family which, in addition to remaining a model of gastronomic excellence, continues to renew itself and […]

Maison Troisgros, l’art de recevoir au sommet Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Maison Troisgros, the art of hosting at the top

At the end of 2017, Michel Troisgros was named the best chef in the world by Le Chef magazine. The year was also marked by the move of the house from its historic site to Ouches, to a completely redesigned location. As for 2018, it starts with the celebration of 50 years crowned by 3 stars in the […]

Confidences de César Troisgros Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Confidences of César Troisgros

86 years of service, 48 years of 3 stars… generations follow one another, prestige and tastes remain. Meeting with César Troisgros, the son of Michel, ready to perpetuate the legend of this House, a veritable institution of French cuisine. When you have a name like Troisgros, are you necessarily predestined to become a cook? […]

Confidences de Michel Troisgros Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Secrets of Michel Troisgros

The Roannais is the cradle where his talent blossomed. A territory that Michel Troisgros knows by heart, that he loves passionately and that he simply tells us about. What flavors would you associate with Roannais? Michel Troisgros: It depends on the season. I associate our territory with sorrel, tomato, rhubarb and gooseberry […]