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Envie de fraîcheur et de couleur ? Add to favorites list

Nature & Outdoor

Want freshness and color?

Although the weather is erratic, summer is settling in gently. And the heat is felt. But where to cool off and take a breath of fresh air in Roannais? For this, there are the long, quiet rivers like the Loire and its gorges, then the small rivers, which make up these great rivers. They […]

Entre ciel et terre activité de plein air ! Nature & Outdoor Add to favorites list

Between heaven and earth outdoor activity!

Rather ULM or mountain bike activity? By getting closer to the stars or by engaging the thrill mode, Roanne and its surroundings offer a great range of activities. Here you will always find a good opportunity to enjoy the beautiful canvases that nature offers. Get ready, there is something for all tastes and […]

Connectez-vous à la fréquence « Nature » Nature & Outdoor Add to favorites list

Connect to the “Nature” frequency

The power of nature is not to be denigrated. These effects are beneficial for both the body and the mind. When nature propels you Choose a Village Sport Nature in one of the three corners of Roannais. Take advantage of the “muscular effort / nature” alchemy. The basis for all is hiking, mountain biking, they […]

Echappées inspirées dans les « Musée de France » Heritage Add to favorites list

Inspired getaways in the “Musée de France”

The name "Musée de France" designates museums approved by the State and particularly "any permanent collection made up of goods whose conservation and presentation are of public interest and organized with a view to knowledge, education and pleasure. public ". More than 1200 museums in France benefit from this appellation […]

On craque pour les hébergements insolites Nature & Outdoor Add to favorites list

We love unusual accommodation

Treat yourself to one of the most unique nights in the heart of nature: total change of scenery guaranteed with unusual accommodation in the heart of Roannais. Each has its own style, each has its own room, from the rustic to the most chic, the surrounding atmosphere ensures peace and quiet. Chic even in the middle of the forest! A night among the trees in a little cocoon […]

Que faire en famille pendant les vacances de printemps ? Family Add to favorites list

What to do with the family during spring break?

That's it it's spring ! The temperatures are warming up, the birds are singing and we want to take advantage of the April sun and the flowering nature. It was enough for me to offer you activities to occupy your charming little ones during these school holidays! The essential egg hunts of […]

La balade Street art roannaise Family Add to favorites list

The street art walk in Roanne

Street art is an artistic phenomenon that is gaining more and more momentum. The city of Roanne offers some artistic works in its various streets and its various districts. Free and accessible to everyone, the Roanne frescoes offer a beautiful artistic stroll for visitors and inhabitants of the city. The last […]

Le double visage du château de la Roche Heritage Add to favorites list

The double face of the Château de la Roche

Majestic, romantic, imposing… there are many adjectives to designate this remarkable building that seems to float between land and water, in the heart of the Loire River. So many that you sometimes have to choose sides: depending on the season or out of pure desire, the castle does not hesitate to change its costume to surprise its visitors again and again. The […]

Top 5 des meilleurs burgers Gastronomy Add to favorites list

Top 5 best burgers

Any occasion is good to give in to the call of a good burger. With friends, family or even alone, as a little guilty pleasure. The burger is one of the most popular dishes among the French. In the Roannais, many restaurants offer "homemade burgers" to die for! Find here our top 5 […]

Laissez-vous guider au fil de nos villages Heritage Add to favorites list

Let yourself be guided through our villages

For several years, the Roannais tourist offices have been guiding strollers and explorers to discover the Roanne city nestled on the banks of the Loire and its surrounding villages of character. In 2022, Roannais Tourisme is offering new guided tours to discover the entire territory of Roannais. True epicureans will appreciate a little detour in […]

L’équipe gagnante : l’Homme et la Nature Nature & Outdoor Add to favorites list

The winning team: Man and Nature

Human beings have always worked with the elements of Nature. Formerly out of utility, today for what we believe to be fantasy but under which hides a need to be in touch with it and to recharge our batteries. To beautify and serve Everyone likes to walk in the middle of nature or intervene in the environment that […]