Roan beers almost overshadow the wines of the Côte Roannaise, they are numerous and tasty. Let's embark on the secrets of making a popular drink, beer. Whether blonde, amber or brunette, the process is almost identical. But then how do we go from a cereal to a drink with multiple flavors? It all starts with the key steps following.

Les bières roannaises - Brasserie La Limaille à Le Coteau au sein du département de la Loire

Step 1

Brewing, an art

First, the malted and crushed cereals (most often barley) are immersed in hot water. This mixture is heated, the starch then contained then transforms into sugar. This liquid is then called mash.

To obtain the must, the mash is filtered to extract cereal residues. It is then sterilized.

Then comes the addition of hops (herbaceous plant). This is what will give more or less bitterness to the beer and will allow its conservation.

Incorporated at the beginning, they bring bitterness to the beer. On the other hand, added at the end they develop the aromatic flavors of the recipe. 

Step 2

Fermentation, when the magic happens

The must is then transferred into vats with yeast to allow fermentation. The sugar is then transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Step 3

Maturation, taken in character

Refrigerated and airtight tanks preserve the beer. It is during this phase of about a month and a half that its taste will assert itself.

Step 4

Filtration and conditioning, it is finally ready

A filtration system will remove impurities and residues. All that remains is to package it in barrels, cans or bottles.

But then, how do we obtain the different colors of beers?

The main cereal used is barley but it is during malting that different colors are possible.

It consists of germinating the seeds then stopping germination. They are then grilled to dry them. The more the grain is heated, the darker the malt will be.

A lightly toasted malt will be used for lager beers, more golden for amber beers and finally a brown malt for brown beers.

The degree of malting influences the color but also the taste. Slightly toasted, we will note aromas of cereals while strongly toasted notes of cocoa and coffee.

What about white beer?

The process is identical but it is the composition that changes slightly. It consists of a mixture of barley malt and at least 50% wheat. This is what will characterize it with its fruity notes.

Les bières roannaises - Brasserie La Germanoise à Saint-Germain-Laval

Beer no longer has any secrets for you! Did you know that you can make it thanks to the brewery's introductory brewing workshops The Germanoise ?

Indeed, theory and practice combine perfectly for a day so that you can make your beer according to your desires. It’s also an excellent gift idea, original and local!

Our different breweries present in our territory such as the brewery Files, Challit, the brewers of Sornin or The Germanoise will advise you perfectly according to the season, your tastes or your recipe ideas.

These Roan beers are also present in our Online Store or directly at the Tourist Office.

Something new this year!

At the Challit brewery, for your evenings or meals, we offer 5 liter barrels in white, blonde, amber and IPA! These kegs are self-contained kegs: no need for beer machines to use them.

Want a friendly moment with friends or after-work in an atypical setting?

The brasserie Files opens its doors on Thursday and Friday evenings from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m. to drink a beer around an aperitif board made up of delicious local products. Bonus ? The view of the fermentation tanks.

The hardest part now is choosing your favorite beer.

Roanne breweries



Les Boissons de l’Aube

Les Boissons de l’Aube

Les Boissons de l’Aube

Les Boissons de l’Aube


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Brasserie La Limaille

Brasserie La Limaille

Brasserie La Limaille

Brasserie La Limaille

Brasserie La Limaille

Brasserie La Limaille


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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.




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