Florian Trouvou from the new restaurant "L'original" located on the Roannaise Coast offers us 2 refreshing summer cocktails to make urgently. The Côte Roannaise Spritz requires little technique and consists of only 4 ingredients. The second, Négroni smoked, requires more technique and more equipment… but the result is stunning!

Two recipes for 1 person proposed by the restaurant The original of Saint-Haon-le-Vieux.

Spritz from the Côte Roannaise

  • 60 ml of Aperol Spritz,
  • 75 ml of Suzanne Robin sparkling rosé from Domaine “ Back to basics",
  • 50 ml of Saint-Alban sparkling water,
  • 2 slices of orange.

To start, put ice cubes in your glass and swirl them in your glass to chill it. Then, put 60 ml of Apérol Spritz, 75 ml of Suzanne Robin sparkling rosé and 50 ml of Saint-Alban sparkling water directly into the glass.

Mix all this from bottom to top to mix the Apérol well with the rest.

Put two slices of orange, a straw and you're done.

Negroni smoked

  • 30ml Tanqueray Gin,
  • Orange peel smoke,
  • 30 ml Campari,
  • 30 ml of red Lillet (French red Martini),
  • 2 slices of orange.

Fill your glass with ice cubes to refresh the preparation time.

In a mixing glass (if you don't have a mixing glass, a measuring cup will do), fill this glass with ice cubes, stir and strain the water from the dilution.

Put 30 ml of Gin Tanqueray, 30 ml of Campari and 30 ml of Lillet rouge in the mixing glass. Mix rapidly until the sides of the mixing glass are frozen.

Filter using a colander. Pour the mixture into a highball glass previously filled with ice cubes and add two slices of orange.

To get a Negroni Smoked, you need a bell and a smoke gun. I incorporate in my smoke gun some orange peel that I burn. A thick smoke comes in my bell. I let the smoke permeate the cocktail, I remove the bell and the cocktail is ready to be tasted.

Cocktail Spritz de la Côte Roannaise du restaurant l'original à Saint Haon le Vieux
© Clovis Huet / RT

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