Radiant on a stepped hillside 20 kilometers long, the Côte Roannaise vineyard is worth the detour! Bordered by the famous Nationale 7, not far from Roanne, it is in a hilly countryside, dotted with remarkable villages that the winegrowers express their know-how.

Vue arienne sur le village d'Ambierle et le vignoble
Aerial view over the village of Ambierle and its vineyards © Clo & Clem / RT

A vineyard in the heart of the Roanne countryside!

Between Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon, the 215 hectares of the the Roannaise Coast are located north of the Loire department. Recognized AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) since 1994, the Roanne vineyard now has around thirty winegrowers on more than 200 hectares and around ten villages.

It is here, in a hilly countryside around charming villages, that the vines express themselves at the roots of the Loire. Culminating at an altitude of 500 meters, the vineyard rests on the foothills of the Madeleine mountains. The vineyards on the hillsides benefit from the mild climate, as illustrated by the renowned coasts of Bouthéran and Montplaisir.

Balade gourmande dans le vignoble de la Côte Roannaise

Let yourself be tempted by wine tourism!

Anxious to want to discover their terroir but also their know-how, the winegrowers of the Côte Roannaise are turning more and more towards wine tourism. Whether through a tasting of their wines or even during discovery tours offered in summer, the winegrowers are committed to helping you discover the vineyard and their passion.

Enjoy a getaway for two, with family or friends to live a human experience. Settle into a bed and breakfast in one of our villages of character such as Ambierle, Saint-Haon-le-Chatel ou Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire. Or if you are looking for a gîte, why not find a gîte in the middle of the vineyards.

And for those who would like to walk the slopes in gentle mode, know that the Roannais offers more than 1500 kilometers of hiking trails and that some winegrowers offer electric mountain bike rental.

A favorite grape variety: Gamay Saint-Romain

On the 215 hectares of the AOP Côte Roannaise, Gamay reigns supreme. Granite soils suit it perfectly. Exposed to the rising sun, the vines know how to sunbathe and take advantage of the constraints of a climate which can sometimes be difficult.

Land of gastronomy, dear to the Troisgros family, the Roannais and its granite soils give a very particular expression to the Gamay Saint-Romain grape. A terroir full of finesse which is declined through fragrant and fresh wines.

Here in the Roannaise Coast breathes an air of Tuscany… The vineyard is surrounded by peerages, fruit trees and villages of sacred character.

Yann Palais, wine maker
Dégustation de vin rouge au Domaine Sérol à Renaison

AOC wines from the Côte Roannaise vineyard

When we talk about AOC Côte Roannaise, we obviously think of ruby ​​red wines. These gourmet wines, with fruit aromas, delight all fine gourmets. Formerly criticized, the red AOC Côte Roannaise wines are worn by winegrowers caring and talented. They are now a guarantee of quality. Recognized by the greatest chefs like Michel Troisgros, they are now served in many restaurants.

Red wine but not only ... The winegrowers of the Côte Roannaise, curious and constantly in search of evolution, also work with other grape varieties. In particular the whites with the IGP Vins de Pays d'Urfé and the sparkling wines. This diversity allows the vineyard to draw a very varied palette of wines, reflecting a terroir, a know-how and a personality.

The AOC Côte Roannaise is:

  • 215 acres, 14 municipalities,
  • 90% Gamay grape,
  • 30groin of winegrowers.


Each year, the Côte vineyards come to life during various events organized by local actors.

  • Spring of wines in Côte Roannaise - may
  • The Montgolfiades of the Côte Roannaise - June. An aerial walk to discover the Roannais region. Event organized in partnership between the association of hot air balloons of the Côte Roannaise and the winegrowers.
  • The Gourmet Walk in Côte Roannaise - July. A gastronomic walk in the vineyards which combines the know-how of the winegrowers and the chefs of Tables Roannaises
  • The Roanne Open Table Festival carried by the City of Roanne - October.
  • Thanks to obtaining the Vineyards and Discoveries label, participation in the national event " The fascinating weekend "- October
  • Open doors in the cellars - December

Key dates

  • 1994 : Obtaining the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée)
  • 2009 : Obtaining the IGP Vins de Pays d'Urfé
  • 2020 : National recognition with obtaining the Vineyards and Discoveries label
Repas accompagné de vin Côte Roannaise au Beaulieu à Riorges

At table !

To make your stay unique, take the time to enjoy a good table. The Roannais enjoys a gastronomy recognized throughout the world. With leaders like the Troisgros house, Pralus or the house Mons, the Roannais is a land of excellence.

The Roannais chefs make you enjoy quality local products always accompanied by a good bottle of Côte Roannaise. Whether gourmet restaurants or more traditional inns, you will inevitably find a good address for a successful stay.

The volcanic Loire

Created on November 14, 2019, La Loire volcanique is a 1901 law association. It brings together 39 winegrowers united by their desire to promote the exceptional terroirs of the Massif Central. Together, they cover the wine regions of Auvergne, Forez, Roannais and Saint-Pourçain. Their slogan: "Between Loire and volcanoes, a preserved vineyard".

18 estates on the Côte Roannaise have chosen to be part of this association. The opportunity for them to benefit from visibility and recognition at the national level.

Vignes sur Ambierle
Vines in Ambierle © Roannais Tourisme

The history of the Côte Roannaise vineyard

In the middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, religious congregations and in particular the Cluniac order played a decisive role in the development of agriculture and viticulture. Written traces of the cultivation of the vine in the Côte Roannaise date back to the early Middle Ages with certain documents attesting to the existence of an important vineyard and an active trade.

XVIe the XXe century

The major influence of the priory of Ambierle lasted until the middle of the XVIe century (during the reign of Francis 1er). Around him and thanks to him, villagers, bourgeois and local lords developed viticulture on their own family farms.

The XVIIe century saw the vineyard develop considerably, with an area doubling between 1620 and 1670.

Navigation on the Loire makes it possible to ship the wine to Paris. Thus, shortly before the Revolution, 40 to 50 pieces of wine made their way to the capital. The extension of the vineyard which continued after the Revolution was then halted by the inevitable phylloxera crisis.

Since the XXe century

The search for quality, the sale of bottles taking precedence over barrels, a cooperative cellar project therefore saw the light of day at the beginning of the 50s which ceased its activity in 1972. This closure actually corresponds to the beginning of the recovery of the Roanne viticulture. . The situation seemed so dire that only exceptional men had the courage to continue their vineyard operations and the will to work for a better future.

Chairmen succeeded one another within the AVR (Association Vinicole Roannaise), motivated, injecting new initiatives. Young winegrowers took over farms without inheritance, and feedback from the generation of “baby boomers” on family farms revived a certain boiling point with this displayed diversity.

Robert Serol took the reins of AVR in 1989. With the support of local political authorities and Pierre Troisgros, he again presented the AOC dossier, and obtained the long-awaited sesame in 1994. With this new recognition, “ the Côtes Roannaises ”disappeared definitively, to make way for the“ Côte Roannaise ”.

L'avis de Frédérique

The opinion of Frédérique

France is famous for its gastronomy and its wines. The Roannais is therefore no exception. Here you will discover reds with hints of fruit, fresh rosés and dry whites. But the good surprise is also the sparkling ones. I am not going to advise you on a particular domain but rather invite you to go and meet the winegrowers. They will make you live their passion and will even make you want to come and harvest with them!

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