Perreux, a town located in the Loire department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, offers a medieval town where many traces of the past remain. The old medieval stronghold which was an advanced position of the lords of Beaujeu facing the counts of Forez, but also the tower of the old castle and the door of the feudal enclosure are still visible. Some XNUMXth century mansionse century and a dozen half-timbered houses are located in the heart of this village labeled "Village of Character" since July 2022.

Maison à colombages à Perreux

Bordered by numerous streams, such as the Trambouzan and the Rhodon, the medieval village has been turned since the Middle Ages towards the Loire river.

Perreux built on a mound of clay, the constructions of the village are organized around the tower of the old keep. There remains of the castle the tower, a chapel of the XIe century and the old fortified gate at the entrance to the medieval village. Adjoining the parish church are two flamboyant Gothic style chapels. The village is at the center of the town. It is one of the largest in the department: 4100 hectares with a green and hilly woodland landscape.

Perreux, a rural town on the national route 7 in continuity with the towns of Coteau and Saint-Vincent-de-Boisset, can be visited with a guide in July and August.

Not to be missed by Perreux

  • La old feudal tower residence of the sirs of Beaujeu
  • Lesson 2 chapels gothic flamboyant through the fortified gate of the village
  • La castle chapel of XIe century walking through the alleys of the village


La Municipality of Perreux, has a population of 2141 inhabitants, with a population density of 51 inhabitants per kilometer, it is one of the least dense in France!

Photo spots

The old village is surrounded by an old rampart walk. You will find remarkable views of the Roanne countryside and the Madeleine mountains.

The history of the village of Perreux

Perreux is the northern gateway to the Beaujolais territory. Residence of the lords of Beaujeu since the XIe century serving as a stronghold against the counts of Forez on the other side of the Loire river. The remains of the castle attest to its importance, we can note it with its tower. The role of the village was that of provost of the North of Beaujolais. They did justice there and levied taxes.

Key figures

  • 1 080 : foundation of the village by Gerard de Perreux
  • 1 400 : Perreux and Beaujolais become possession of the Dukes of Bourbon
  • 4 100 hectares: Perreux is the second largest commune in the Loire department, in terms of surface area, part of which is located on the banks of the Loire.


Village of Character – Perreux
42120 Perrous

+04 (77)72 70 70 XNUMX XNUMX


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L'avis de Marion

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A medieval village 5 kilometers from Roanne? I opt for one of my favorite hobbies, walking, in order to escape stress and come and recharge my batteries on the hiking trails. The town of Perreux is the starting point for several hiking trails. Why not choose the banks of the Loire? Perreux or the countryside at the gates of the city ...

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