Lay is a historic village in the Loire department. Discovery of the rampart walk, alleys and old houses, the Place des Halles… The historical part deals with the Roman, medieval and revolutionary periods up to the present day.

Église de Lay
Lay Church © Guillaume Masseron / RT

Not to be missed by Lay

  • The castle of La Verpillière,
  • The Notre-Dame chapel,
  • The Butter Tower,
  • The church and its treasure, listed as a Historic Monument,
  • The circular plan, testimony of the old ramparts,
  • The medieval associative garden.


The people of Lay are called the people of Lay!

The key figure

A treasure of 1127 Roman silver coins dating from the XIe century was discovered in Lay in 1949.

Vue au loin du village de Lay

The history of the village of Lay

Peaceful village with a past steeped in history. Lay belonged from the XIe century to a powerful knightly family which bore its name. Roman military post, 4e provost of Beaujolais, seat of a châtellenie in the XVIIe century. Lay has continued to occupy a central position over the centuries. The peculiarity of the circular shape of the village reveals its defensive role, reinforced by the still visible ramparts and a walkway that has been surveyed for centuries by soldiers from the Middle Ages and visitors today.


The commune of Lay, located in the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes currently has a population of 750 inhabitants. On the route of the Nationale 7, a stone's throw from the town of Saint-Symphorien-de-Lay, Lay is based 15 kilometers from Roanne.


European Heritage Days - September

Unmissable cultural event of the new school year, the European Heritage Days demonstrate the interest of the French in the history of places and art. These days are a privileged moment allowing the whole of France to visit the national heritage, monuments, churches, theaters, castles, but also private homes, banks, courts, prefectures, courthouses, town halls, chambers of commerce… all kinds of buildings which are usually closed to the public or little frequented. Find out more

Commemorative feast

In memory of the inauguration of the statue of the Virgin of the Chapel, this event brings together up to 10 pilgrims.


L'avis de Marion

Marion's opinion

A visit to the village of Lay takes you back in time. Walk the alleys of this charming medieval village and let your imagination do the rest. Would you like advice on how to enjoy a clear view? Near the cemetery, you can enjoy an aerial view of the hilly landscapes and the Écoron viaduct.

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