The region concentrates a wide variety of talents with many artisans Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Stronghold of textiles, the Roannais also has many recognized companies combining tradition and sense of innovation.

Roannais also shines for the quality of its craftsmen. Whether they are jewelers, earthenware makers, potters, sculptors, cabinetmakers or bookbinders, they all contribute to the vitality of Roanne craftsmanship and invite you to discover their know-how. Do not miss, La Cure - arts and crafts center, a creative space located in Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire or even Handicrafts from the Pays d'Urfé in Saint-Just-en-Chevalet.


There is no shortage of events around these skills: every year at the end of August, the medieval village of Crozet welcomes the glass festival.

Every 2 years, in November, Roannais Agglomération offers the Biennial of Creative Jewelers, exhibition-sale fair dedicated to jewelry and its creators.

Roannais artisans also participate, every year in April, in European Days of Crafts.

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