Although the weather is erratic, summer is settling in gently. And the heat is felt. But where to cool off and take a breath of fresh air in the Roannais? For this, there are the long, quiet rivers like the Loire and its gorges, then the small rivers, which make up these great rivers. They can allow you to practice an activity.

The simplest and most important despite everything: rest

Cyrielle, a regular holidaymaker in the Pays d'Urfé, offers you the Aix river, where freshness and gentleness take center stage. This true haven of peace nestled within a wild nature is soothing. It feels like out of time and so it is full connection which is established with the surrounding natural elements which shelter a remarkable flora and fauna.

Element of the landscape, the rivers participated in sculpting it: visit it

An idea for the most poets, to "Baffy" to Saint-Germain-Laval. The chapel "Notre-Dame-de-Laval" borders the river and not far away, the latter is spanned by a roman bridge. The surrounding meadows are grazed by goats, enough to believe in “Jean de Florette”.

The walkers and visitors to artist's soul can go to Desert Gorge in Saint-Alban-les-Eaux, where the difference in height animates cascades and falls. It is also in this town renowned for its sculptures that the sparkling water is bottled.

Rivers are also story tellers

In Saint-Bonnet-des-Quarts, guess the murmurs of the washerwomen, who came to the washhouse located on the Teysonne. In the hollow of this fresh emerald-colored valley, settle down behind an easel, a good book or even a picnic made up of local products... The more observant or the fishermen will perhaps have the opportunity to titillate the wild brown trout.

These secret places are also corners of paradise for our four-legged friends who will be happy to jump, dive into these oxygenated waters.

Un chien dans une rivière du Roannais
© Ludivine Damian Farjot




My natural temperament makes me love the beauty of the environment, its benefits, the true and identity of the Monts de la Madeleine. This terroir will take us through discoveries and exchanges in the friendly and rural atmosphere offered by the unique nature of this welcoming and authentic massif.