Roanne, the new congress and seminar destination not to be missed!
At the crossroads of 2 regions: Burgundy and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Roanne, a city on a human scale, benefits from a ideal geographical location to host your business events.

Congresses, conferences, seminars, company meetings, training, corporate events, incentive actions, you will always find a place adapted to the size of your professional event and your budget.

Choose Roanne to organize your seminar

Just 1 hour from Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Clermont-Ferrand, Roanne is the perfect place to work while enjoying an art of living and gastronomy that will not fail to dazzle your employees.

Roanne, a gourmet destination

The name of Roanne resonates throughout the world as a Mecca of gastronomy. Institution in the history of French cuisine, Maison Troisgros has sported its 3 Michelin stars since 1968. It has been joined by the Priory in Ambierle (1 star) and by many restaurateurs all in love with Roanne gastronomy.

A land of gastronomy, the Roannais has specialties that are more gourmet than the others: AOC Côte Roannaise wines, Praluline brioche®, cheeses from the Mons House… Enough to seduce the taste buds of your delegates.

Roanne, an art of living

Le Roannais, a lovely destination, is ideal for disconnecting after a day of work. In addition to its gastronomic assets, there is a real heritage and natural dimension. A generous nature: from green plains to hills and wide open spaces, the contrast is striking!
The Roannais is also a land rich in many pleasant and charming villages of character. No doubt, you are in the Roannais where life is good.

Roanne, economy labeled destination

Territory of challenges and innovation, Roanne bases its economy on its industry and is labeled by the State as "French Industry Territory":

  • Mechanical industry : Gimaex, Steriflow, Tec Inox,
  • Textile and Clothing : Carré Blanc, Devernois, The Fairy Maraboutée, Pauporté, The Little Bather,
  • Agrifoods industries : Pralus, Revillon, Sicarev, Refresco,
  • Dynamic digital sector : 140 companies, 1500 jobs.

The 5 good reasons to choose Roanne for your event

  1. Roanne: on the ideal axis : 1 hour from Lyon and 3 hours from Paris, in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Roanne is a lively and dynamic territory. With its road and rail infrastructure, Roanne is ideally located less than an hour from the entrance to Lyon and St-Etienne, just over Clermont-Ferrand and 3 hours from Paris.
    1 international airport less than 1h30, 2 national airports less than 1 hour, 1 aerodrome in Roanne.
    Trains every 23 minutes to Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand or St-Etienne, 3 hours from Paris
  2. A team at your service : A motivated team will support you in all stages of the organization of your event. We bring together all the players and professionals in the area for you, the assurance for you to obtain a successful event at the best prices.
  3. An incomparable welcome : Friendliness and professionalism, two words that take on their full meaning in the Roannais.
  4. Roanne: an irresistible and gourmet destination : Crossed by the Loire, Roanne is a city where life is good. Capital of taste with in particular Maison Troisgros, Roanne also benefits from a generous nature and a rich heritage around villages of character.
  5. Reception facilities tailored to you : Modern and functional, our equipment will meet all your technical and budgetary requirements.

Organize your congress or seminar in Roanne

Do you want to organize a business seminar and are looking for the ideal place for your event? Would you like to organize your congress in Roanne? The receptive service of Roannais Tourisme supports you in the organization of your event.

Organize your seminar in Roanne

To help you organize your seminar, Roannais Tourisme has identified the rooms that can accommodate your business for a day or over several days. Do you want to organize a seminar in an unusual setting? How about a castle or a cozy hotel ... Need space to gather your team? Why not meet in one of our partner hosts adapted to your needs. Trust the Roannais Tourisme team to offer you a tailor-made package.

Organize your congress in Roannais

Roannais Tourisme will support you in all stages of the organization of your event. From the specifications to the post-congress program including hotel reservations, we will mobilize for the success of your event.

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