Created in 1984 by the Ministry of Culture, the European Heritage Days take place every year on the 3e September weekend! With a new theme each year, these days allow a cultural opening, often free, to the entire population. Do not hesitate to ask for the program ...

September 21 and 22, 2024

The European Heritage Days in the Roannais?

The European Heritage Days in Roannais are each year in the regional and departmental programs.

The city of Roanne publishes its own guide to all the places open during these days: Joseph Déchelette museum, visit of the old center, the theater and its Italian hall, the town hall, the house of crafts and many other places.

The Roanne metropolitan area and each municipality also submit to the general program the list of open places, activities, visits, conferences organized during this weekend.

Certain events targeting "young audiences" appeal to heritage and leisure activities, so do not hesitate to introduce the youngest to the concept of culture.

Théâtre de Roanne dans la Loire
Roanne Theater © Guillaume Masseron / RT

6 questions to better understand thehe European Heritage Days

What are the European Heritage Days?

The vocation of the European Heritage Days is:

  • To open places that are usually not very accessible to the public,
  • To raise citizens' awareness of the richness and cultural diversity of Europe.

Each year, the 3e September weekends, you can discover all kinds of so-called heritage sites for free or at preferential rates. The range of discoveries is wide: religious building such as a chapel or church, castle, theater, museum, places of power, historic gardens or even industrial sites ...    

The program of these 2 days is also very rich with guided and commented tours, exhibitions, specific activities according to the types of public!

Since when do we celebrate them in France and in Europe?

The European Heritage Days are a French creation. The first edition took place in 1984, on the initiative of Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture. First on a day, it has developed and is now on a full weekend.

From 1985, this event became European under the impetus of the Council of Europe. The European Union renamed the event in 2000 “European Heritage Days”.

This year, the European Heritage Days are celebrating their 40th edition!

Organized in the 50 countries of Europe, the European Heritage Days is:

  • 70 000 events planned for a weekend,
  • 30 million visitors each edition.

Is there an imposed program?

Each year, national events or in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are organized around a common theme. This theme varies every year in each country.

No specific program is imposed, but the common slogan is to highlight the European dimension.

What will the 2023 theme be?

Firste edition of the JEP celebrates the living heritage and the heritage of sport.

"Living Heritage" refers to the practices, expressions, knowledge and know-how transmitted from one generation to the next which are constantly recreated such as songs, dances, rituals, festivals, know-how related to traditional crafts or knowledge related to nature and the universe.

Furthermore, this year, in the run-up to the Cultural Olympiad, a second theme “sport heritage” is in the spotlight. The heritage of sports has clearly developed with the increase in sporting practices mainly at the beginning of the XNUMXth century.e century. 


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