At the 85rd international federal cycle tourism week which will take place in Roanne from July 20 to 28, 2024, 7 bike loops will be set up. All will offer shortcuts for those who do not wish to do the entire loop. For everyone's pleasure, they will pass through the emblematic sites and passes of our region.

Sunday July 21: Le Beaujolais Vert

This part of Beaujolais Vert constitutes an area made up of hills, meadows and a few fields in its lowest part. It is in this bucolic setting that there are some picturesque towns steeped in history:

All have kept traces of their past and are open to visitors for a historical stroll.

Monday July 22: From the Loire to the canal

Until Baugy the greenway follows the Loire valley, the last great wild river. The route then moves away from the river to enter a slightly undulating landscape with meadows dotted with hedges, groves and trees.

The return route will take the greenway, the Véloire, former towpath of the barges of the canal from Digoin to Roanne, nicknamed the “quiet canal”, interspersed with locks.

Tuesday July 23: Loire Gorges and Forez Plain

Close to Cordelle and the top of the medieval villages of Villerest or Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire, the views are breathtaking over the dam lake and the meanders of the Loire. Sometimes the river reveals itself in the very heart of the gorges as in the castle of la Roche located in a unique setting amidst the calm waters of Lake Villerest.

Wednesday July 24: The Monts de la Madeleine

After a few kilometers on the plain, the country road rises towards the Roannaise coast, buttress of Magdalen Mountains offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills and meadows. The first circuit will take you through a hilly landscape of vineyards. Interesting views over the Roanne plain follow one another.

The higher the road, the more oaks, chestnuts and beeches
populate the territory before giving way, at higher altitude, to all kinds of pines, fir and spruce, as in the Black Woods southwest of the Monts de la Madeleine.

Thursday July 25: Festive Cyclo Day

The festive day will take place in the Merlin pond leisure area. The circuit is currently being developed.

Friday July 26: Discovery of Brionnais

Brionnais is a small region located in the south of Burgundy. It is a country of breeding and grazing, cradle of the Charolais breed. Charlieu, in the heart of a valley, close to the Loire, is also a magnificent medieval town. Its Benedictine abbey is renowned for its sculpted tympanum and the church for its stalls carved in polychrome wood.

Saturday July 27: Bourbonnais and Côte Roannaise

Towards the west, small picturesque towns cling to the last foothills of the Monts de la Madeleine in an environment where nature has remained authentic. Perched on its rocky peak, the magnificent fortified town of Saint-Haon-le-Chatel particularly stands out.

Towards the east, the route winds through large green meadows decorated with trees and hedges and dotted with numerous ponds that sparkle like mirrors.

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