Many of you are contacting us regarding the 85th international federal cycle tourism week which will take place in Roanne from July 20 to 28, 2024. This FAQ is designed to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Summary of our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

I am looking for accommodation available for the federal week, can you help me?  

Many solutions :  

1/ You opt for federal campsite, collective housing or for sleep Homestays : when registering for the federal week, we invite you to select “Federal campsite”, “Collective” or “Homestay” in the Accommodation section. You will be contacted by the volunteers of the accommodation commission. The Tourist Office does not manage federal accommodation. 

2/ You want to sleep with a private host : find on our site on the page accommodation solutions the list of lodges, hotels, guest houses, campsites in our territory. We invite you to go to this page, click on the “Filter” button. You will then be able to enter the dates you are looking for in Availability.  
We are committed to providing you with quality and accurate information, but it is possible that certain accommodations are available and may have been recently reserved. If you notice errors and certain establishments have refused you because they are full, we invite you to send us this information by email to This will allow us to update our information. 
Once your accommodation has been reserved, when registering for the federal week, you will then simply select “Excluding federal accommodation”. 

Where to register for tourist excursions organized during the federal week? 

This year, tourist excursions are offered by the Roanne Tourist Office. You can therefore reserve them directly online on our site: tourist excursions. Your tickets for these visits and excursions will be sent to you by email after payment has been validated. 

For other registrations (federal week, catering, hiking, unusual visits), we invite you to fill out the form “I am registering for the federal week”.  

Do you know of any land or site that can accommodate campervans, caravans, etc.? 

The federal campsite will have more than 2400 pitches. It will be located less than 1 km from the federal village. It will offer complete services including sanitary facilities, a refreshment bar, a farmers' market, entertainment, etc. If you come in a motorhome or with a caravan, it will be the ideal place to stay. 

We are not aware of any private individuals who can make their land available.  

I am looking to rent a motorhome or caravan during the federal week, who should I contact? 

COSFIC Roanne and the tourist office have not listed private individuals who can rent their motorhome or caravan from them. We invite you to contact the rental companies in the area: Van and leisure ou Van life. 

You can also post an ad on social networks or on sites like Le Bon Coin 

How do I know if there is space left at the federal campsite? 

Each year, it is observed that around 60% of people registered for the federal week come in motorhomes/caravans. To accommodate you all, the federal campsite has more than 2400 pitches. We invite you to register as early as possible for the federal week. Following your registration, the Cosfic accommodation commission will contact you to assign you a location. 

What are the water and electricity connections on the federal campsite? 

Water will be present on the federal campsite thanks to the toilet blocks installed on site.  

Some pitches will be provided with electricity. Only people with a medical certificate who have specific needs (breathing machine for example) will be able to benefit from these locations.  

Will there be special shuttles from the federal campsite to neighboring towns or villages? 

Thanks to the support of the urban area and the STAR (urban bus network), shuttles will be set up every day to reach the city center of Roanne. They will be free and will rotate several times a day. 

As for other villages, paid shuttles are possible via the complete STAR network or again, the network of interurban transport of the Loire known as TIL.  

Where to do your shopping from the federal campsite? 

On the federal campsite there will be a farmers' market every evening allowing you to stock up on bread, fruit, vegetables, etc. In the federal village, a grocery store will be set up thanks to one of our Intermarché partners. 

Near the Scarabée, you will find: 

  • grocery stores (notably rue Mulsant 10 minutes by bike), 
  • supermarkets (Carrefour Market at Espace Saint Louis 10 minutes by bike, Intermarché Riorges or Lentigny 20 minutes by bike), 
  • shopping centers (Leclerc 12 minutes by bike, or Carrefour 25 minutes by bike) 

I cannot register for the federal week or I encounter a problem during my registration. Who do I speak to ? 

The “Registrations” commission is there to answer your questions on 07 81 04 44 86 or at