Les tiers-lieux, les nouveaux lieux du lien social

Adventurer, I am always looking for thrills. I like traveling abroad as much as traveling my hometown of Roannais. Through my various blog articles, I hope to make you travel and make you want to discover our magnificent territory, rich in nature, and history but also culinary and wine arts.

Les tiers-lieux, les nouveaux lieux du lien social Add to favorites list

Third places, the new places of social ties

The term "third place" was coined in 1989 by an American sociologist who defined it as a space between home and work, which brings people together. Since 2018, this phenomenon has accelerated. To date, we have around 3 in France compared to 500 in 1. This expansion is due to the deep […]

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The Roannais is exported

Due to multiple brands, Roanne does not remain confined to its city and its department. Indeed, the Roannais is exported throughout France and beyond. The richness of the Roannais is no longer to be demonstrated. The former cradle of textiles still offers pieces made on the territory exported throughout France and abroad. […]

Où boire un chocolat chaud dans le Roannais ? Add to favorites list

Where to drink hot chocolate in Roannais?

While the cold is already present on the territory, what better than to warm up with a hot chocolate. Here is my selection of places in the Roannais, to taste the best. Today, hot chocolate is no longer relegated to the rank of children's drinks. Real hot chocolate can be mesmerizing and […]

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The harvest in Côte Roannaise

In September, history repeats itself in the heart of the Côte Roannaise vineyard. The harvest period begins for an average of 15 days depending on the estate. Thierry Désormière, winemaker of an 18-hectare estate in the town of Renaison in the Loire department, agreed to answer our questions for […]

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My first steps on a golf course

Before taking a first step at the Domaine de Champlong Golf Club, golf evoked a certain social and financial class. For me, this sport had a name: Tiger Wood and two words: green and swing. The invitation of Christophe Jullien, director of the Golf club, was a great opportunity to overcome the cliché. Through […]

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Where to buy Christmas chocolates?

Christmas and the end of the year celebrations are the perfect opportunity to please all gourmets. Stay in the traditional and opt for chocolates! The Roannais has many successful and talented chocolate makers. Boxes of chocolates, ballotins or boxes, all tastes and all budgets are offered in this article […]

Comment se préparer à la marche nocturne Roanne / Thiers ? Add to favorites list

How to prepare for the Roanne / Thiers night walk?

The Roanne-Thiers march, created in 1925, was the first town-to-town march. Roanne-Thiers is every year in December. There are no less than 57 kilometers, 1500 meters of vertical drop and all that at night… If you want to try the experience, Adeline Martin, world trail champion, offers you some advice on how to overcome […]

Itinéraire d’un dessinateur de bande dessinée Add to favorites list

Itinerary of a cartoonist

Philippe Aymond, cartoonist since the age of 21, worked with Pierre Christin, the screenwriter of the famous Valérian series, but also with Jean Van Hamme and LF Bollé. The designer, now 53, also worked alone, doing both the script and the drawing. Also a colourist […]

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10 activities to do without a health pass

The health pass has just been extended. It's not always easy to find an activity to do without this precious sesame. Since Monday, August 9, visits and activities accessible without a health pass have shrunk. For those who have not yet been vaccinated and who do not want to be […]