Des activités pour  toutes et tous

My natural temperament makes me love the beauty of the environment, its benefits, the true and identity of the Monts de la Madeleine. This terroir will take us through discoveries and exchanges in the friendly and rural atmosphere offered by the unique nature of this welcoming and authentic massif.

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Activities for everyone

Are you disabled or in the entourage of a person concerned? Here is a small, non-exhaustive list of activities or places where everyone can go. A breath of pure air surrounded by nature The Domaine des Grands Murcins in Arcon and the Gravière aux Oiseaux in Mably can be explored, […]

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TOP 7 free activities in Roannais

The diversity of the Roannais territory gives rise to multiple initiatives and projects. Thus, everyone can flourish and recharge their batteries, without incurring costs. Some ideas may change your habits, there is something for everyone and for many the discovery can be intergenerational. The Mysteries of the Monts de la Madeleine Go on the […]

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Le Tacot, a gentle journey through Roannais

Return to these tracks where the rails have disappeared, still retaining the imprints of the passage of the Tacot, a steam train traveling on a narrow track. It was set up to promote the link between town and countryside at a time when buses did not yet exist. The jalopy traveled […]

Comme un cadeau, chaque Espace Naturel Sensible, dévoile une surprise Add to favorites list

Like a gift, each Sensitive Natural Area reveals a surprise

Immersed in Sensitive Natural Spaces (ENS), timeless worlds, and experience exceptional moments. The surprise will be to discover a plant, to see a wild animal or a herd in this bocage landscape from Roannais to the Monts de la Madeleine. Let's start with the Youngest: the Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Crêts à Neaux Guided […]

À la chandeleur, le Roannais a ses douceurs ! Add to favorites list

At candlelight, Roannais has its sweets!

On the occasion of Candlemas, the Roannais has nothing to envy to Brittany. Farmers set the bar high in the quality of their production, carried out with respect for the environment. Thanks to these neat and farm ingredients, your pancakes will give you a delicate pleasure. The main ingredients With the flour, vary the pleasures […]

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Want freshness and color?

Although the weather is erratic, summer is settling in gently. And the heat is felt. But where to cool off and take a breath of fresh air in Roannais? For this, there are the long, quiet rivers like the Loire and its gorges, then the small rivers, which make up these great rivers. They […]

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Connect to the “Nature” frequency

The power of nature is not to be denigrated. These effects are beneficial for both the body and the mind. When nature propels you Choose a Village Sport Nature in one of the three corners of Roannais. Take advantage of the “muscular effort / nature” alchemy. The basis for all is hiking, mountain biking, they […]

L’équipe gagnante : l’Homme et la Nature Add to favorites list

The winning team: Man and Nature

Human beings have always worked with the elements of Nature. Formerly out of utility, today for what we believe to be fantasy but under which hides a need to be in touch with it and to recharge our batteries. To beautify and serve Everyone likes to walk in the middle of nature or intervene in the environment that […]

Fruits d’automne, croquants & acidulés, ils nous font tourner la tête Add to favorites list

Autumn fruits, crunchy & tangy, they make our heads spin

Autumn fruits have such a scent that from our early childhood their fragrances captivate us. They make us greedy and few resist when they have been cooked. Make your pâté with the thresher This is the case with apple pâté, this large turnover topped with fruit. Like any recipe, it is a real know-how of […]