Dans les pas de Saint-Martin, la Via Sancti Martini

Curious and always in search of new sensations, I multiply the experiences. I like going out to meet the great people of Roannaise gastronomy as much as taking an interest in the heritage of the region.

Dans les pas de Saint-Martin, la Via Sancti Martini Add to favorites list

In the footsteps of Saint-Martin, the Via Sancti Martini

The Via Sancti Martini is a 2 km path in the footsteps of Saint-Martin, which connects Szombathely in Hungary (his native country) to Tours (where his tomb is located). In France, the route crosses the Loire and passes through the Monts de la Madeleine to reach the Allier department and, further on, Touraine. […]

Vanlife au cœur du Roannais Add to favorites list

Vanlife in the heart of Roannais

A 4-day “Vanlife” 100% nature roadtrip in the heart of Roannais, between mountains, forests and the banks of the Loire, in search of the most beautiful spots in the region. As you travel through this green countryside with its colorful landscapes, discover a welcoming and gourmet region, and a heritage that will take you on a journey into the riches of the past. […]

Escapade en famille Add to favorites list

Family getaway

An hour from Auvergne and Puy de Dôme, our home port, Roannais reveals bucolic landscapes, a heritage of great beauty and gastronomy that seduces gourmets! This is how, at Easter, our happy tribe (2 adults and 4 children aged 8 to 13) left for a getaway […]

Le Roannais, une terre étoilée Add to favorites list

The Roannais, a starry land

The Roannais, recognized as a territory of gastronomy, confirms its excellence with the entry, this year, of two new starred restaurants in the famous Michelin Guide. The Restaurant de la Loire in Pouilly-sous-Charlieu and the Restaurant du Château d'Origny in Ouches, newly promoted. They join the Prieuré on the list of one-star establishments. The famous Maison Troisgros […]

24h à Roanne À 1h de Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand ou Saint-Étienne Add to favorites list

24 hours in Roanne 1 hour from Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand or Saint-Étienne

What if we took a break for a visit to Roanne? As soon as we arrive, we let ourselves be carried away by the sweetness of life and the charm of the city, between heritage, nature and gastronomy. The history and culture of Roanne are explored along the cobblestones while the local gastronomy is tasted […]

De la terre à l’assiette, le goût des bonnes choses Add to favorites list

From the ground to the plate, the taste of good things

Cooking is a story of taste… And good products! Those who make the difference, who awaken the taste buds and above all whose origin we know. The Roannais territory has this wealth. Gold producers who raise, cultivate and refine quality products, but also cooks and restaurateurs who know the […]

Perreux, village médiéval de caractère Add to favorites list

Perreux, medieval village of character

Located a few kilometers from Roanne, the village of Perreux perched on its clay promontory, dominates the green countryside of Roannais. Formerly a strategic stronghold of the lords of Beaujeu facing the counts of Forez, this medieval town keeps traces of its history through the ages. In 2022, Perreux became the 5th Village […]

Randonner en Pays d’Urfé ! Add to favorites list

Hiking in Pays d’Urfé!

If it's not paradise, it looks like it! How good it is to hike in Pays d'Urfé in this part of Roanne where you can feel, due to its proximity, the Forézian influences. In the heart of valleys or from the tops of small peaks, along the paths and trails, let yourself be lulled by the softness and […]

Destination Grand Air, le plus grand espace VTT Add to favorites list

Destination Grand Air, the largest mountain bike area

Destination Grand Air is the largest FFC-certified mountain bike area in France. Bringing together 4 large spaces between Roanne, Vichy, Thiers and Ambert, it is an exceptional playground for two-wheel enthusiasts, and a guaranteed immersion in the heart of wild and preserved nature. Destination Grand Air, national recognition In total, it is […]

Entre Loire et canal, activités sur terre ou sur l’eau Add to favorites list

Between the Loire and the canal, activities on land or on the water

How to evoke the Roannais without thinking of its banks of the Loire, its canal, and its marinas? Whether in Roanne, Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire or Bully, these nautical bases are real bridges between town and nature where you can enjoy unforgettable experiences. The proximity of the river also offers places […]