Randonnée en itinérance dans le Roannais

In love with my home territory, Roannais, I like to share with you my favorites and good addresses according to your desires. A hiker at heart and new to running, almost endless possibilities are available to us. We have so much to discover...

Randonnée en itinérance dans le Roannais Add to favorites list

Roaming hike in Roannais

A hiking territory, the Roannais offers a wide range of colors and landscapes. Forest with a mystical atmosphere, vineyards of the Côte Roannaise, green countryside, villages of character or even the gorges of the Loire, you will not lack ideas! Short family stroll, long hike or roaming, make your choice. Today, he is on a circuit […]

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Our little Roannaise mousses

Roanne beers almost overshadow the wines of the Côte Roannaise, they are numerous and tasty. Let's embark on the secrets of making a popular drink, beer. Whether blonde, amber or brunette, the process is almost identical. But then how do we go from a cereal to a drink with multiple flavors? It all starts with […]