Dans les coulisses de la Biennale des Bijoutiers

Share my enthusiasm for artistic craftsmanship, handmade, which reconnects us to the essential and to something authentic. Showcase live performance, a precious moment when the public shares the same message by looking in the same direction, towards the stage, and comes out full of emotions and questions, to share… again. This is what drives me in my work and what I want you to discover!

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Behind the scenes of the Biennale des Bijoutiers

On November 26, 27 and 28, 2021, the 7th edition of the Biennale of Creative Jewelers organized by Roannais Agglomération will take place. In the heart of the characterful village of Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire, this event highlights jewelry and those who create it. Dive behind the scenes of this unmissable event! 1 year before The next […]