Théodore Gérard Hanssen « le vitrail entre guerres et Foi »

From a very young age, my literary profile oriented me towards words, speaking, writing and foreign languages. Naturally, the profession of guide is essential, and I practice it for more than 30 years. What I like is to talk about heritage, whether it is small, vernacular, registered or classified, it is to tell the story, big and small, that of ordinary people, with extraordinary journeys or works. What drives me is this time of exchanges with the public, responding to their curiosity and making a simple relationship unique by giving it a different emotional value.

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Théodore Gérard Hanssen "the stained glass window between wars and Faith"

Famous for having produced 33 large stained-glass windows with figures of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, Théodore Gérard Hanssen has also designed works for buildings in Roanne. Decisive events in his artistic orientation Born in Belgium in 1885, Théodore Gérard Hanssen took courses at the Beaux-Arts in Tournai then in […]

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1, 2, 3, Cloister

Lately, every French person has found himself "cloistered" at home, according to an expression that we have heard a lot ... From the Latin claustrum which means enclosure, it is generally used to speak of monks and nuns "cloistered", c ie living only inside the enclosure of their abbeys… The cloister, a fascinating place in the minds of the public. Communication spaces, imagined […]