We love Roanne for its charming old center, lit by some colorful facades, adorned with elegant mansions. We vibrate, feeling the heart of the city beating from the Market Square or in the heart of the Halles Diderot. We stroll through Roanne, reaching the banks of the Loire and then the port, taking our thoughts towards other horizons. And the beautiful city has not finished surprising you: anecdotes, little secrets or pretty stories, we advise you to keep your eyes open and listen to let Roanne reveal herself completely.

Croquis de Roanne
Sketch of Roanne © Aurélia Brivet

1. Brotherly duel of knights

Château de Roanne

In Roanne, we love stories about princesses… and knights take pride of place. Close to the castle, take a closer look at the trompe-l'œil painted on one of the facades. As if the tambourines and bagpipes resounded, you are immersed in the heart of a medieval scene: pensive, the lady at the window awaits her knight in armour. It's up to you to imagine the rest!

Another time, another figure: in 1824, the Château de Roanne was bought by the man known as the Chevalier Jean-Etienne de Saint-Thomas. A local figure, he refurbished the castle to store his collections of works of art. An esthete knight then!

2. Toast at the “end of the banquet”

On the Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, get to know this pleasant sculpture made by Jean-Pierre Collier in the 1990s, on the occasion of a symposium. We love this half-laughing, half-snoring figure, firmly attached to his pint: a joyous representation of medieval banter that is very much at ease in the heart of this place where the Middle Ages are in the spotlight. Additional nod, the statue is located in front of a medieval house which has long been a refreshment bar… sacred meeting point when leaving the church!

3. The other side of the Déchelette house

Maison Déchelette, place du Marché à Roanne
Déchelette House © Aurélia Brivet

Iconic house located on the Place du Marché in Roanne, it can be recognized in particular by its varnished roofs. They light up the sky with warm colors. But don't hesitate to cross the porch of Maison Déchelette to enter its interior courtyard. It formerly provided access to the back of the block. Within the courtyard, observe the arcades of the old stables and the elegant watering troughs. You guessed it, the place was an inn. The former “Hotel des Voyageurs” was a stopover on the royal road to Lyon, and recalls the destiny of the Roanne city as a stopover town.

4. Funny reservations

Musée Déchelette

In 1970, an old cellar was chosen on the site of the current Musée Déchelette, to house the library's reserves. On the occasion of their development, statues are found immured in this place. Busts and statue on foot, they date from the XNUMXthe century: their strange fate is due to the lack of love of art historians and curators of the time for XNUMXth century arte. Difficult to access, it was decided to leave them on the spot, by installing a hatch. But the arrival of heritage curator Eric Moinet changed the situation in the 1980s. He relied on the advice of Anne Pingeot, curator of the Musée d'Orsay and specialist in the XNUMXthe century. The works that can be removed from the cellar are removed at that time: today, the museum's scientific teams continue to ensure their conservation.

5. Have fun on the banks of the Loire

Illustration port de Roanne

For the past year, the banks of the Loire have brought out their fun & fitness clothes thanks to new developments. Playgrounds, volleyball court, deckchairs… we hurry there in relaxation mode, with sunglasses and good humor. A revival with a taste of deja vu since in the past, the people of Roanne came here to learn to swim, go boating or sunbathe. Between laughter and excitement, between crushes and sunburn, history repeats itself over the water in Roanne… the look of swimsuits has changed a lot!

Pont du Coteau sur le fleuve Loire
Hillside Bridge © Aurélia Brivet




Curious and always in search of new sensations, I multiply the experiences. I like going out to meet the great people of Roannaise gastronomy as much as taking an interest in the heritage of the region.

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