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Walks with your daily life

Special issue Spring-Summer 2024

All roads lead to Roanne

Between its historical heritage, its Villages of Character and its hillsides, Roannais is a privileged territory. Read the article

Active Radio

6th May 2024

Around forty guided tours to (re)discover the territory

Roannais Tourisme has unveiled a program of 42 visits and 83 dates for the spring-summer period. Read the article and listen to the interview

Couverture d'Aujourd'hui en France du lundi 15 avril 2024 sur la Route des Vins Forez-Roannais

Today in France

15 April 2024

A new wine route in the Loire

There is now a wine route in Côte Roannaise! The route is intended to be authentic, we do not go through major roads! To be done in “gentle mode” or in the car. Read the article

Cabaret Écrin à Bijou avec Loic Ballet pour l'émission "En Vadrouille" sur France 3

Out and about – France 3

April 2024

En Vadrouille does its cabaret

A show between rhinestones and sequins: Bijou opens the doors of her cabaret in Villerest… See the video.

Our gourmet lands – France 3

April 2024

Roanne, a family feel

Carinne Teyssandier sets out to meet the Pralus and Mons families, who pass the torch of their know-how from generation to generation, without ever extinguishing the flame of indulgence. See the video.

Couverture du magazine Automne Hiver "Ma Maison, mon projet"

My house, my project

November 2023

Saint-Haon-le-Châtel, a leap of 1000 years into the past

It is one of the 5 villages labeled “Villages of Character” in Roannais. The only town in the Loire to have kept its XNUMXth century rampartse century, Saint-Haon-le-Châtel can be discovered like an open-air museum. Read more

On parle de nous - Couverture de Cuisinv

Current kitchen

November 2023

48 hours in the Lyon region

For the 2e day of this gourmet road trip, the Loire is in the spotlight and in particular several Roanne producers such as Domaine Sérol and François Pralus. Read more.

On parle de nous - Couverture d'Elle version Rhône Alpes - Roannais Tourisme

Elle Magazine – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes supplement

12th October, 2023

Weekend here we go again!

A city weekend idea in Roanne proposed by Sandra Moisson. On the agenda: sit down with a famous chef, stay in a retro hotel, cycle along the Loire and explore the remains of the city. Read more.

On parle de nous - Couverture de Détours en France - article Roanne et Roannais

Detours in France

October 2023

10 stops in Roanne

Provincial and discreet, the sub-prefecture of the Loire has built its reputation on the notoriety of the Troisgros brothers, a dynasty of triple-starred chefs in the Michelin Guide since 1968. A stop in town that can be adapted in bistronomic and gourmet mode, coupled with a pleasant visit from the center and the banks of the Loire. A subject by Philippe Bourget on 6 pages.
Read more.

On parle de nous - couverture arts et gastronomie - été 2023 - édition Rhône-Alpes

Arts & Gastronomy – Rhône-Alpes edition

summer 2023

The wines of the Côte Roannaise, on the road to a territory of character

How to visit the Roannais without exploring its vineyard and discovering the fruit of the work of the winegrowers, who shape this terroir, at the roots of the Loire? Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée since 1994, the Côte Roannaise extends over some twenty kilometres, 13 municipalities and culminates at an altitude of 500 metres. Read more

The running noise

July 2023

Notable towns and villages in Roannais

Find the selection of the editorial staff on the notable villages, pleasant to visit in Roannais. Read more

Guided tours in Roannais

Find the program of guided tours offered by Roannais Tourisme around gastronomy, heritage and company visits. Read more

Master magazine

June 2023

Along the water, the Roanne to Digoin canal

It is nicknamed "the quiet canal", the canal from Roanne to Digoin crosses two departments: the Loire and the Saône-et-Loire, it also brings together two regions. Read more

The port of Bully in turmoil

Repair and sale of boats, marina, nautical activities or snacks, the port of Bully offers a full range of activities. Read more

The Mag team – Special Outdoor Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

June 2023

Starting a new adventure

With a range of mythical passes, long-distance routes and exotic micro-adventures, pedaling in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes has never been so liberating.

Grandstand of Lyon

May 2023

In the small villages of Roannais

Roanne is not just Praluline®! Although it is a must for a snack when you pass by the area, the Roannais country is also full of other treasures. Read more

Lyon Capitale

Special issue May to September 2023

Full of freshness in Roannais and Forez

This summer, go green between Forez and Roannais. Secret little corners of paradise, punctuated by historic sites and villages full of character, where gourmet temptations are never far away... Read more

N7 The mythical holiday route

May 2023

A magazine dedicated to the famous National Route 7 which crosses our destination.


May-June 2023

We are greedy National 7

The long weekends in May and June make us crave the South and gourmet stops. Take the road with us from Roanne to Cavaillon… Read more


May 2023

Walk in France, our 20 favorite addresses

Discover the 20 favorite addresses in terms of accommodation in France. Bed and breakfast, cottages, unusual accommodation… Read more

France Blue St-Etienne / Loire

April 2023

Discovering VIP rides

Catherine Duchamp guide for the tourist office, Roannais Tourisme, invites us to discover the new program of visits available in Roannais. Rides in VIP mode… Listen to the podcast

Villages like no other

December 2022

A beautiful Hachette book presenting astonishing villages to escape for a weekend. Here, Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire takes center stage. I buy the book.

Images of yesterday and today

December 2022

How our cities have changed: Roanne and Villerest

A book of Progress to understand the landscape changes in our cities and countryside. Roanne and Villerest are highlighted with beautiful visuals.

Couverture du Journal du Golf  - décembre 2022

Journal du Golf (supplement to the Team)

December 2022

I will go golf… at the Domaine de Champlong

Journal du Golf takes you this month to the Domaine de Champlong in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Roanne, to help you discover this golf course that is only one year old. Read more (pages 82 to 84)

JT 19/20 France 3 St-Etienne / Loire

12 December 2022

Range Water

The mineral water of Sail-les-Bains is honored in the JT St-Etienne / Loire at 4'28. A natural mineral water preserved for millions of years that is on the rise. See the video.

Couverture Le brui qui court 35

The running noise

December 2022

At Christmas, offer 100% Roannais gifts

The 2022 vintage of 100% Roannais Gift Boxes promises the lucky few some delightful getaways in the heart of a region that is just as delightful. Launched in 2007 by the Roannais Tourisme association, these Gift Boxes offer a relevant discovery around different themes involving around forty local tourism players. But that's not all. This year, they combine the inspiration of 100% Roannais “Gourmet Gifts” which will delight lovers of the terroir, whether they are from Roanne or Navarre. Read more

News 12/13 France 3 National

21 October 2022

Roanne, the gourmet heritage

Friday October 21, the news of 12/13 goes to Roanne, in the Loire. In the city where the longest river in France passes, gastronomy is important.  See the video

The essential magazine

October 2022

Festive Tables in the Roannais

In the north of the department, the Roannais is in dispute a gourmet destination. Its rich terroir offers a wide variety of specialties. Read more

Figaro magazine Rhône-Alpes

October 2022

A large bowl of greenery in Roannais

To the north of the Loire, in a setting of unspoiled nature, the Roannais deploys its landscapes. Read more
An article by Blandine Dauvilaire.

France 3 Rhône-Alpes – News 19/20

August 2022

Along the water: The Château de la Roche

The Loire River in Roannais is honored in the television news France 3 Rhône-Alpes from 13'30 min. Whether culturally or sportingly, you can visit these Loire gorges in all ways. Zoom on the Château de la Roche, the excursions in electric all-terrain vehicles of Espiderando or the canoe at the nautical base of the Loire. See the video

On the Mop – France TV

August 2022

Out and about on National 7: on the road to Lyon

The presenter Loïc Ballet keeps his traditional formula and relies on local figures to continue his journey on the National 7.

  • Ginette Chatillon, co-president of the Petit Louvre at La Pacaudière, and Thierry Dubois, illustrator and author "It was the National 7",
  • Jacky Gallman, director of the “Brasserie Georges” in Lyon,
  • Jean-Luc Chavent, street storyteller.

See the video

On the Mop – France TV

July 2022

On National 7: Roanne in the Loire

The Roannais was in the spotlight on Monday 1er August in the program "En Vadrouille" on France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The program presented by Loïc Ballet presents several local figures in its series on the National 7.

  • César and Léo Troisgros, chefs at the Michelin-starred Maison Troigros,
  • Jean-Michel Buchet, president of the "Cars et Bus et Compagnie" association,
  • Alec De Brosses, owner of the Château d'Ailly.
    See the video

Around Lyon – Mag 2 Lyon

summer 2022

Descend the Roannais by mountain bike

From this summer, the Roannaise conurbation will have a new area dedicated to mountain biking. More than 1000 km of marked and labeled routes are to be covered from six municipalities in the territory. Read more


July 2022

Walk in the irresistible Roannais

Our summer series invites you to leave the motorway to take the route of the mythical National 7. Third stage of our holiday route “today as before”, the surroundings of Roanne, in the Loire. Read more

Couverture Le Bruit qui court été 2022 Presse locale

The running noise

summer 2022

“There are beautiful walks in the area”

Find, in the summer pages of the Bruit qui Court, ideas for walks through marked trails in the Roannais. Read more

Lyon Capitale

June 2022

Weekend idea: the Roannais, a getaway in the heart of nature one hour from Lyon

An hour's drive from Lyon, the Roannais in the Loire, offers many activities for young and old in the heart of unspoiled nature.
Did you know that it is possible to go hot air ballooning in the Roannais? Canoeing ? Golf? In the pretty town of Roanne as in the surrounding Loire countryside, there is no shortage of activities! Head to the hilly territory of Roannais, just an hour from Lyon by car or train, for a holiday rich in emotions on land, on the water or in the air. Read more

Escape! In our region

May 2022

50 places to visit: St-Symphorien-de-Lay and St-André-d'Apchon

“Escape! In our region” offers a selection of 50 places to discover near you.
Relaxation, discovery and wonder are the common denominators of the territories of the Rhône, the Ain, the Jura, the Loire and the Haute-Loire, as well as the Côte-d'Or and the Saône-et-Loire which abound of treasures. For Roannais, discover the villages of Saint-Symphorien-de-Lay or Saint-André-d'Apchon.

Maestria Magazine

March – May 2022

The Loire, a wonderful playground!

The Loire, a wonderful playground! In 2 or 4 wheels, with or without electric assistance, the Loire and its hilly landscapes is a perfect playground for lovers of wide open spaces and nature circuits. Read more

On the Mop – France TV

May 2022

Le Coteau, Loire

The city of Coteau was in the spotlight on Friday May 20 in the program “En Vadrouille” on France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The program presented by Loïc Ballet presents several local figures.

  • Frédéric Stalport, president of the Tables Roannaises,
  • Dominique Beniza, specialist in straw marquetry, based on avenue de la Liberation,
  • Henri Giraud, actor, director and impersonator (Coluche look-alike),
  • The Côté Cour artistic troupe, with Aurélien Kremer, co-president of the company.
    See the video

Magazine Ma maison Mon Projet - Printemps été 2022

My house, my project

May 2022

Le Crozet, a journey through history

Between land and water, nature makes the heart of the Roannais beat and offers great prospects for discovery and a change of scenery, but the territory also contains architectural treasures, charming villages such as Le Crozet, baptized "Village du Verre" in 2011 and very recently “Small City of Character”. Read more

The Guardian

April 2022

Why I fell in love with scenic Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Hidden France: why I fell in love with peaceful, scenic Auvergne
From volcanoes to Vichy springs, this slice of dramatic rolling countryside below Burgundy is a revelation, complete with medieval villages and Michelin stars. Read more

Magazine Le Tout Lyon - 18 avril 2022 - page le Roannais à vélo avec la véloire

All Lyon

April 2022

Explore the Roannais by bike with the Véloire

To discover a small part of the longest river in France, head to Roannais. The Véloire route offers 25 kilometers to pedal quietly and safely as close as possible to the water. Read more

The country

April 2022

Roanne businesses open their doors to tourists

For 2022, Roannais Tourisme offers an even more complete program including visits to businesses in the region. More than 130 dates in total are listed on the calendar, some of which are suitable for the visually impaired. Read more

On the Mop – France TV

January 2022

The Roanne coast

On a mop this week takes you on the curves of the Roannaise coast… in the Loire department with, as always, one and only goal, to make you travel in your region On a mop on the Roannaise coast, it's now!

  • Frédéric and Frédéric welcome more than 25 people to their cabaret l'Elegance in Renaison,
  • In the Monts de la Madeleine, you can come across bison and especially Nicole and Didier, those who whisper in the ear of these bison, 
  • Let's measure the tallest tree in France with Yves, Philippe and especially Enzo and Baptiste in Côte Roannaise. See the video

Couveture de Camping-Car Magazine du mois de janvier 2022

Motorhome Magazine

January 2022

Itinerary along the Côte Roannaise, between river and hills

Sung by Charles Trenet, the legendary Nationale 7 passes through Roanne. This city, which no longer knows the traffic jams of yesteryear, is surrounded by a rich landscape that we traveled by motorhome. Join us on this trip to the Côte Roannaise for a touristic and cultural discovery of the northern part of the Loire department. Read more

Couverture d'Ouest France d'octobre 2021

Ouest France

October 2021

Roanne and its villages of character

Little known, the sub-prefecture of the Loire deserves a detour, especially as the surrounding area, charming villages scent with a seductive medieval scent. Read more

Top Parents

August 2021

The Loire, this beautiful unknown

The Loire department owes its name to the river which crosses it from south to north over more than 100 kilometers. In this region, there is no room for monotony. The Loire is distinguished by the diversity of its breathtaking panoramas. Here are some highlights. Read more

Couverture du Hors série 2021 de Lyon Capitale

Lyon Capitale

July 2021

Getaways in the Loire: in the Roannais, castles in their natural setting

One hour from Lyon, Saint-Étienne and Clermont-Ferrand, the Roanne region is doing well thanks to bewitching landscapes, villages of character and renowned gastronomy. A natural and historical heritage which is a real invitation to travel through time. Read more

Couverture de Maxi du 27 juillet 2020

Maxi Mag

July 2020

Nationale 7, the flavors of the South

On the way for a short trip on the N7 and take the time to discover some nuggets during different stages. Read more

Cuisine & Trends

June 2020

The Roannais, delicacies for the taste buds, but not only!

If there is one region of France that rhymes with gastronomy, it is the Roannais. In the heart of the Loire department, around the town of Roanne, there is no shortage of delicacies, both for the taste buds and for the eyes. And if we went there to take a closer look? Read more

Cuisine & Trends

April 2020

Françoise Pralus, from Praluline to Carré de Café, including grand cru cocoa

If there is one city that we inevitably associate with gastronomy, it is Roanne. One immediately thinks of a large, shiny three-star table, but there is another ambassador of gastronomic know-how, much more accessible, the Praline from Maison Pralus. An establishment that creates delicacies, unmissable. Read more

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