At the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Roannais and its city center, Roanne, are 1 hour from Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Clermont-Ferrand and 45 minutes from Vichy.
Just 1 hour from the hustle and bustle of the city, let yourself be lulled in a soothing and rejuvenating green setting. Are you looking for a nice place for your family weekends? or for a romantic getaway? The Roannais accessible quickly, meets all your expectations. Tourist offers revolve around three themes: gastronomy, nature and heritage.

There is something for every taste. Indeed, all the little pleasures of life await you just an hour from your home: share a good meal around a table of a renowned chef, hike in the heart of nature on hilly paths, visit a castle in the middle. of the Loire, stroll through a village full of character or go canoeing on the Loire river.

Dear Lyonnais, for a weekend or a day, say goodbye to the Rhône, the Saône, Fourvière, old Lyon and your neighbor ... take a train or get in your car, you will have to hardly the time to say phew that you will see the Roannais, its valleys, its forests and its villages!

Let yourself be guided, I will reveal the secrets of the territory to you for a successful getaway!

One hour from Lyon, a 100% nature getaway

Roanne and its surroundings offer you a day away from the noise of the city, out of time. Close your eyes, imagine yourself in the heart a farmers market choose good local products. Enjoy these dishes during a picnic at the edge of one of the many rivers in the area, then soak your feet in refreshing water before a well-deserved nap, in the shade of a tree. You hear the water of the river lapping and the wind tickling the leaves of the plants.

In the afternoon, I have a little surprise in store for you, a cocoon shared between the Allier and the Loire: The Plateau de la Verrerie. You will find in this place, calm and sweetness of life. Respect nature and she will respect you.

Convinced? Take your ticket for a 100% NATURE one-way trip to the north of the Loire department.

Randonnée au plateau de la Verrerie
Hike to the Verrerie plateau © Lionel Lambert / ADT42

One hour from Lyon, a romantic getaway

Are you looking for a place to coo with your loved one? An invitation to let go just a few kilometers from your home, it is possible in the Roannais.

The day begins in the heart of the Roannaise Coast with a bike ride in the vineyards. I advise you the electric bike to save your strength. Upon arrival, a wine tasting, at one of the our winegrowers. You will then discover the secrets of making a good wine and how to pair it perfectly with a dish.
In the afternoon, after a good meal at one of our restaurateurs, you can lounge on the edge from Lake Villerest. But if for you the holidays rhyme with "culture", you can follow a visit to villages or a district of Roanne accompanied by a tour guide.

For a romantic night, you are rather night in a castle or night in a hut at the water's edge ? Le Roannais gives you the opportunity to choose!

One hour from Lyon, a family getaway

Are you from Lyon with a family of 2, 3, 4 or more children? Are you looking for a destination to get away from everyday life without driving too much to avoid arguments between siblings? Trust me…

Family hiking

You can start your weekend surrounded by nature with hike accessible to everyone. Over a short distance and with little difference in height, walking is an activity to be practiced with the family. There is something for everyone. The adults appreciate the peace and the children pick up the most beautiful stones they find on the path.

At picnic time, it's up to you to find a shady spot at the foot of an oak, for example.

You can devote your afternoon to adventure, to discovering a place that invites you to travel. Go back to the time of knights, shields and swords! I give you an appointment at the castle of Urfé. You can even book a guided tour to learn all the secrets of this old building which offers a breathtaking view at the top of its tower.

As a family, the practical side often encourages you to book a cottage… That's good, the area has almost 200! The choice is yours: to each their own room? with a swimming pool ? a large field to play football?

In search of the treasure

The next day, wake up gently before leaving for new activities: canoeing on the Loire or visiting a museum?

Sporty family: Opt for the canoe, take the start from Cordelle or Lac de Villerest. The Loire is calm and wild, this activity will delight young and old.

Quiet family: Choose your museum for a fun and cultural visit. With your children, I recommend the Alice Taverne museum in Ambierle, the Hospitalier museum in Charlieu or the Joseph Déchelette museum

And for the afternoon, I'll make everyone agree with a treasure hunt in one of our many villages. Do you like it? It's up to you to look for clues to solve the puzzles, some games are from 3 years old and others more complex are dedicated to adults.

France is full of treasures and our territory is one of them!